Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Expecting? Get Your Little Ones Involved

Before the big day of delivery, your little ones can prepare for their baby sibling to come home.  Making a card and a gift for the baby's birth-day is super fun.  They can wrap it and decorate their card and present.  And during delivery, while they are with their relatives, your little ones can bake and decorate cookies to celebrate!

Traveling Overseas, Antibiotics

My doctor was talking about her family trip to Barcelona, Spain.  She described the adventures she and her family had on a cruise.  However, on the trip, her son became terribly sick and was getting worse.  It was extremely tedious searching and finding the nearest hospital and getting antibiotics for her youngest child. 

To save yourself the hassle next time you travel, be prepared and ask your pediatrician for a children's antibiotic to take with you in case your son or daughter becomes sick.  It's a dry form that you can add water to when needed.  Pediatricians are absolutely willing to help you get prepared.