Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Power of Touch

I got some great advice from my mother growing up, in all stages of my life. Being a Christian Psychiatrist, she goes to conferences and is always doing research to keep up with the latest in medicine and the human psyche, so she knows a thing or two about people. When I got married, she told me that a key element in marriage is touch. “Make sure to touch your husband at least ten times each day.” As a newlywed, I used to think one hundred touches a day was hardly enough!

Well, 5 years and 2 children later . . . I am beginning to see what my mother was talking about. I give a brief hug and kiss to welcome my husband home, quickly give updates about the kids’ day, make sure dinner’s ready and everyone eats, have my husband fix the broken lamp, remind him that garbage day is tomorrow, get the kids bathed and teeth brushed, finish house clean-up and then bed.

So, in my experience, in the hurriedness of each day, it’s easy to overlook the simple gestures of showing love and support through affection. I think I would even add to the ten-touch rule that eye contact is very important too. And on top of that, I would also add that our children would benefit from this rule if we gave them more hugs and nurturing pats on the back each day.

Make a conscious effort to show love and support to your family members with a soft squeeze on the arm, nurturing pats on the back and LOTS of hugs! It will help you slow down and appreciate a little more the people you love each day.