Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kid Time

Quality time with your child is very important. I heard that one-on-one time with your child for at least 15 minutes a day does wonders for your child. Reading, walking, eating out, watching a show or just hanging out are some great ways to spend time with your child.

Family time is just as important. Eating one meal a day as a family is one way of spending quality time together. Another way to have family time is having game night. A friend of mine says it's brought her family closer together. After dinner, every night, she and her husband and her 3 boys would gather to play a board game. If your kids are really young, then a matching game, Goldfish, Old Maid or Trouble might be good games to start with. My toddler boys like to do puzzles, so we play 25 or 40 piece puzzles together while listening to fun music.

We've enjoyed this time of laughter and playtime. It's been a blessing to my husband, to me and and to my kids.