Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Kit

If you are at all leery about giving over-the-counter medication to your newborn, try homeopathic tablets! They are easy to administer, there are no side-effects, and they are yummy (or at least that's what my 2 year old says).

I am fortunate to have a relative who is a homeopathic physician. While I was pregnant, she had a great list of homeopathic medicines to have on hand for my newborn.

Allium Cepa: for runny nose when trying to get over a cold.

Calcarea Phosphate: teething and growing pains (this is one of the ingredients in Hylands teething tablets).

Belladonna: for fevers and inflammation.

Bryonia Alba: for crankiness and irritability(the label says for Dry Cough and Arthritis Pains) but really it helps a much wider spectrum, to long to put on the title).

Carbo Veg: indigestion or tummy ache.

Apis Mell: for bug bites or minor rashes caused by an allergic reaction.

Chamomilla: for irritability, restlessness, sleeplessness. This is also great for calming children while traveling on airplanes.

Arnica Montana: for bruises and muscle soreness for kids and also for moms -especially after giving birth to help with healing and swelling.

These work for babies, toddlers and adults and can be purchased at Whole Foods and most health food stores. Hylands is a trusted brand and is recommended by Dr. Sears .