Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Talk about being FEARFUL

We are living in a world filled with FEAR as we speak.

Today's US and world news report that "governments are racing to find and contain pockets of swine flu around the globe, seeking to stem both the threat of a pandemic and public panic." As the world is in a state of unknown, we can either freeze in fear or take action and do what we can to prevent ourselves and our children from getting this possibly deadly flu. It is also a good idea to prepare our home for a possible pandemic. Check out Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Below are some helpful info from the site.

10 Ways to Prevent Swine Flu

1. Wash your hands
2. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer
3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
4. Limit your exposure to those who have flu symptoms.
5. Stay home if experiencing flu symptoms
6. Take Vitamin C
7. Rest and eat balanced diet
8. Make sure you're helping your children follow the above habits
9. Routinely clean and disinfect
10. Immediately report to the doctor if you have any flu symptoms.

Preparing Your Home for Possible Pandemic
The CDC recommends stocking nonperishables such as:
—Canned foods
—Protein or fruit bars
—Dry cereal
—Dried fruit
—Bottled water
—Baby food
—Pet food

Other items to prepare: Cash, flashlights, batteries, portable radio, manual can opener, garbage bags, toilet paper, prescription drugs. Crackers, Gatorade, and other foods good for sickness. Don't forget diapers and wipes for your little ones!