Friday, December 4, 2009

Great Invention

One day, as I was mumbling to my mother-in-law how time consuming it was to clean my stainless steel pans and pots and she gave me this plastic "multi-scraper".
If you are like me and spend (what seems like) most of the day standing next to the kitchen sink washing dishes.. you will want this. And for 99 cents each.. you need to order several and share the joy with some of your mommy friends. Not only has this scraper made cleaning pots and pans less of a headache, I've used it to scrape food off of tables and counters, (my husband has even used it to scrape wax off of his surfboard), I even use it to clean the mouth pieces of sippy cups with the tip of the scraper.

Such a simple product..with a brilliant design that makes life so much easier. Thank you plastic scraper!!