Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let Your Hair Down

Definition of phrase: "Let your hair down"
Relax; Behave in a free or uninhibited manner.

Ever since my daughter was about 1 1/2 years old.. she would insist that I leave my hair down (instead of putting it up in a pony tail). Every time she saw me putting my hair up.. or whenever I would get her up in the morning or from her naps (and I had my hair up) she would say, "put your hair down!" My daughter is 3 years old now and she still says, "Mommy, keep your hair down"... and asks me for permission to take my hair rubber band out (or whatever is holding my hair up).

At first, it was frustrating.. and like before, there are times when I just tell her "NO, I need to keep my hair up." But then, I realized what a good reminder (especially for a busy mom) to remember to relax and enjoy... enjoy whatever I am doing and not be inhibited by or uptight about the small things in life. God has a sense of humor... He uses many things (including my daughter) to constantly teach me this lesson... and for this, I am grateful that my daughter nags me about "letting my hair down".