Thursday, January 28, 2010

13 Points for Parents

Point #1
Don't keep records of wrongdoings over your children or remind them of their failures and mistakes. Gird them up to make better choices.

Point #2
Don't put your barriers and fears on them.

Point #3
Respect and honor your spouse in front of your kids. When this is not done in the home, it drives a wedge and brings division in the family.

Point #4
Live a balanced life. Don't sacrifice your children for your work and dreams. Include them or they will despise what you do and why you are doing it. They will do everything to go in the opposite direction just to make a point. Don't neglect them verbally, mentally, or spiritually.

Point #5
You need to ask your kids for forgiveness when you screw up.

Point #6
Keep proper order. The kids do not come before your spouse. The order is God, spouse, kids, work, etc.

Point #7
Don't let your kids divide you and your spouse.

Point #8
Don't overload your kids with presents or you will spoil them rotten.

Point #9
Respect, honor and love them unconditionally. Encourage them. It pulls the best out of them.

Point #10
Contend in prayer for your kids and their spouses' future and salvation.

Point #11
You need to persist because it's worth it.

Point #12
Speak life into their potential. Correct the behavior NOT the person.

Point #13
Teach them how to deal with disappointments! Life sometimes sucks. Some things don't go our way. Trials are a part of our grooming and preparation.

Point #14 (BONUS)
Don't overload them with pressures to be performance based and performance-accepted children. There's got to be grace at home.

This is an exerpt from Dani Johnson's book, Grooming the Next Generation for Success. She is a Christian author and mother of five. If you enjoy these points, I recommend checking out her book at the library or ordering her book online.