Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Toddler Calender

Cold and rainy days forces you to be creative with indoor activities. I am so grateful to my dear friend who got this Toddler Calender for me (and my kids). Every page in this booklet is filled with fun activities to do in and around your house using mostly household items... and they are divided into months so the activities are planned around seasons and holidays.

What I mostly love about this book is that it makes you think out of the box and helps you to use simple objects that preoccupy the little ones for a while. Such as... matching bottles with lids, sifting and transferring rice, and my daughter's favorite has been "dish-washing" her toy plates and utensils in tupperware containers while I wash the "real" dishes... Not only are all of these activities easy enough for your little tots.. they will learn color, shapes, texture, vocabulary, and even household chores!

So.. if you're done buying toys, refuse to let your kids watch any more TV, and/or running out of things for your kids to do... Look into this book! It has definitely helped me on days when we've been "stuck" at home with not much to do!!