Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Babysitting Swap

We all know that finding a babysitter for a date night can be a gigantic hassle...unless you have parents or in-laws nearby that are willing to come over any time. But even then, they may not want to babysit any later than 9pm.

When we discovered that we had a neighbor that attended our church (and they had a little one also), my husband and I knew we had to jump on this opportunity to do a "babysitting swap"! Since we both had breastfeeding babies at that time (and both slept by 7pm), we thought that the easiest thing would be to go out after we put our kids to sleep... So, one of them would come over to "babysit" (or it was more like, just sit and watch TV) after we put our daughter down.. and either my husband or I would go over to their place after they put their daughter down. It worked out great!! It literally took a few steps to get back home, so neither of us really cared how late the other came home.. plus, it was the easiest thing ever!!

Although we had to move away from our old neighbors, God has blessed us with some other amazing friends to do "babysitting swap" with. We don't live as close (but still only a 10min drive away) and we babysit for each other once a month so at least we are guaranteed one date with our spouse per month. :)

There's nothing better than having someone that you trust and love (and who your children love) babysit for you... and returning the favor so that you can bless them as well! Doing a "babysitting swap" will save you money, headache, stress and hassle!!