Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Frugal Girl

Okay. The Frugal Girl is ridiculous.. ridiculously GOOD at being frugal!!

This mama of four started "The Frugal Girl- Cheerfully Living On Less" blog about two years ago and now have many many fans and followers. According to her, she has always been a frugal person... always saving instead of spending... which makes sense why she is so darn good at it! But with all that she does; full-time homeschooling mom, part-time piano player and part-time piano teacher.. it is certainly inspiring to read her posts about how she saves money by planting her own garden, baking her own bread, making her own yogurt, shopping at thirst stores... and most impressive of them all SPENDING LESS THAN $100 on groceries per week (to feed a family of 6)!!

If you are like us, desiring to live more frugally and trying to find ways to spend less on groceries.. this site may help you to do so... and inspire you to "cheerfully live on less"! :)

Some highlights from her site:

-Wednesday Baking- recipes and "how-to" for baking all sorts of tasty bread and treats!

-Food Waste Friday-posts pictures of food she has wasted that week to motivate herself to use up the food instead of wasting it.

-Grocery Spending and Menu Plan- Records exactly what she spent on groceries (plus photo of all the items she purchased) and menu plan for the week.

You can connect to The Frugal Girl website here.