Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Building a Christian Family

Seven Tips for Building the Christian Family You Never Had

-Read parenting books with a caveat of grace.
Don't berate yourself for not being a perfect Christian mom. Offer yourself grace when reading these books.

-Find or observe a parenting mentor.
If you notice someone you think is parenting her kids well, ask her questions and observe her!

-Say, "I'm sorry."
All parents make mistakes. Asking our children and others for forgiveness opens the door to improving relationships.

-Understand that parenting is not outside-in but inside-out.
God is in the business of cleaning, healing and rejuvenating our hearts from the inside out. The greater the healing, the more authentic and effective our parenting will be!

-Forgive your parents.
Forgiveness sets you free- free to love your imperfect parents, free to give grace to your imperfect self as you struggle to parent.

-Stop the comparison game.
Few acts are more destructive than comparison. God asks us to concentrate on our own families and revel in what he has given us.

-Find support.
When you talk to other moms, you realize that you are a normal parent with typical struggles. It's a true blessing to have other parents to talk, learn and laugh with, as you go down the parenting path!

(Article from magazine "MomSense" and adapted from "Building the Christian Family You Never Had by Mary E. DeMuth)