Friday, October 2, 2009

Expecting the Unexpected

Today, I heard a speaker (a mother of two boys) talk about "expecting the unexpected". She was saying that our life as a mom is like an airplane ride.... there are times when the ride is smooth, times when it's rocky... and some times you may feel like you're going to crash!

Life is already full of unexpected things without kids... but as soon as you conceive, that number seems to multiply by a hundred times. It is good and healthy for us to expect there to be some turbulence throughout our pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery. So when things occur the way you didn't plan them to... well, let's just pray that we would have the ability, strength and wisdom to seek our omniscient God who sees all and knows all!! Whatever situation we are in, He is there to hold our hand (and your little one's hand too!) and guide the way.