Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Fun

Fall is a great time to introduce new experiences to your child. Going to a pumpkin patch is tons of fun because there's so much color. Your child can see different kinds of pumpkin shapes and sizes -tall, wide, extremely heavy, cute & lite! Sometimes pumpkin patches offer other activities like face painting, pony rides and even air bouncers where kids can slide and jump with their shoes off.

Another fun activity to do during this fall season is to make an autumn collage. This is a good sensory experience for the kids. Start by going outside to find different leaves (varying in color, shapes and sizes), or even pine cones, small sticks, or nuts. Bring a box with you to hold the items. Then go inside and talk about what your child found. Use glue to paste the interesting items onto colorful construction paper.

And, as a Halloween alternative, check with your local churches. There are usually fun events going on where you can take your child in costume to enjoy food, fellowship and games in a warm, safe environment.