Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Lovies

I don't know about your baby/toddler/child... but ALL my kids LOVE and GOTTA HAVE their lovies/security blanket!! My first, just got attached to a plain old blanket that was part of a gift set when she was born... and hasn't let go since... My second, also started sleeping with a blanket (and thumb) early... and since this time, I knew about "security blankets" I purchased a small one by Swaddle Designs (which is great to take around)... And now that my third is wanting to sleep with a blanket for her naps and at night... I did a little research and found this great sight!

Swaddle Designs was in the top 10 (which I thought of buying another for my new baby)

But I also saw that Aden & Anais sells lovies (2 for $19.95!) which is great because I learned to purchase 2 just in case 1 is lost... and their blankets are SO soft!

If you're in search for a security blanket for your child.. I think you'll find this site helpful! ;)