Monday, May 23, 2011

Toxic Faith

The author of Who Switched Off My Brain talks about removing the toxic emotions in our lives. In later posts, I will be writing more about Dr. Caroline Leaf's anecdotes to removing other toxic emotions, such as Toxic Love, Toxic Seriousness and Toxic Dreams. Recognizing and removing the toxic emotions in our lives will help us to become bolder women of God.

Here's what Dr. Caroline Leaf says about Toxic Faith:

A growing body of scientific research confirms that prayer and actively developing your spiritual life increases frontal lobe activity, thickness, intelligence and overall health.

Have you had a negative experience in the church? Have people of faith hurt you?

When you sweep away those experiences, you will be able to see God and His unfailing love for you, past any negative memories that may be polluting your spiritual life.

Jesus wants us to be completely healed - spirit, soul and body.

These Brain Sweep questions will truly help you move past any seeds of Toxic Faith!

As you think about your walk of faith, notice what your five sense are telling you. Are there any toxic memories or thoughts that come to mind?

Are you reading your Bible daily?

Are you praying all the time?

Are you spending time with God building a relationship?

Are you going to church?

Are you part of a church community?

Are you feeding your spirit?

Make the Word of God come alive in your life. Find what you are passionate about and apply the Word to it, because through your passion and gifting you can become closer to God.