Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Date Nights

"Date Nights" are a MUST when you have little ones.

As challenging as it might be to find the time and energy to get out of the house with your spouse after a busy day (...not to mention arranging for a sitter, making sure your kids will be okay with the sitter, etc.), it is one of the most valuable things you can do for your marriage.

When my first child was only a few weeks old, I remember reading in a book about the importance of going out on a date with your spouse every week after the baby is born... and I honestly thought that the author was nuts! First of all, I was exhausted from taking care of the newborn and who can afford going out every week anyway? But as my baby grew older (and I was less tired), I knew that we had to make "dating" a priority in our marriage.

Since we can not afford to go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner every week, we have designated one day of the week where we will spend quality time with each other after the kids go to sleep. Whether this time is spent watching a movie together on the couch, playing games, having a conversation (without being interrupted)... this has definitely brought us closer and it is also something we look forward to every week.

I hope and pray that every quality moment you spend with your spouse will reignite your marriage and the love you have for one another!