Friday, June 5, 2009

What Divorce Says...

Heard a very powerful message by Mike Erre on marriage....and what divorce says to kids. Below are some notes I took. You can listen to it on podcast (message titled "1 Corinthians Pt3- The Gift of Marriage" 5/17/09) or go to the Rock Harbor website.

What divorce says to your kids:
-If I don't like something that the scriptures teach, I don't have to obey it and neither do you
-You don't have to keep your promise
-It's okay to get out if it gets really hard

-God isn't big enough to redeem this

-And my short-term happiness is more important than your long-term happiness

When you stick together, here is what you are saying:
-God can redeem anything

-By His grace and strength, when we make promises we keep them

-Your long-term happiness is more important than my short-term happiness
-You are special enough to stay together for
-And when the scripture commands something under God's authority, we do it even if we don't like it

In the message, Mike Erre mentions that there are obvious exceptions where couples have to/need to separate. But for all others, we have to do everything in our power to stay together... especially for our kids.