Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Baby...

I have kept a journal for my girls (one each) since I was pregnant with them. It has been neat writing to them while they were still growing inside me... I decided to journal through their first year, documenting all my thoughts, prayers, and even fears about their lives and how they have changed mine. I plan on giving them the journal as gifts when they are teenagers... when it's challenging to understand how much your parents love and care about you..

Journaling is fun because there is no structure and you can write whenever you can (which is great for us moms). You can also:

-write about how you felt when you first heard their heartbeat
-note all the things they liked (or disliked) as a baby
-document your child's milestones
-jot down answered prayers
-paste pictures
... it's all up to you!

It's never too late to journal to your little ones. As you know, our kids grow so fast, and we forget the sweetest moments too easily... So grab a journal and whenever you think "I want to share this moment/story with my kids when they are older"... write it down!