Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Love of Learning

"These are lots of things a parent can do to help a child develop a love of learning and searching - things that will carry through as a foundation for a life of joyful and successful learning. Most of these are things a parent does at one time or other anyway. A bonus is that your child will be getting a good foundation for later studies, even picking up some elements of reading, writing, and math!" - Lilian Jones

Here are some activity ideas that Lilian provides:

  • Tell stories or read a lot of wonderful books.
  • Go to children's book readings at the library.
  • Take leisurely walks, observing every wonderful little bit of nature out there.
  • Look for faces and animals in the clouds.
  • Listen for the farthest away sound you can hear.
  • Listen to children's audio tapes together. Make your own together as well.
  • Watch sunsets together.
  • Put up a bird feeder outside a window where you can see all the different kinds of birds coming and going.
  • Go out and observe the night sky together.
  • Plant a little garden or grow some plants in pots.
  • Introduce your child to music, songs, dancing, instruments.
  • Learn and say rhymes together.
  • Encourage them to have fun learning about their bodies.
  • Provide a sandbox or sand table and sand toys, including figures of people and animals.
  • Make and play with bubbles.
  • Make playdough and other fun art materials.
  • Do finger-painting, and paint simple pictures with watercolors.
  • Set up a little play store area with play food.
  • Provide large and easy to handle blocks made out of small boxes and shoe boxes.
  • Set up some shelves, boxes, or hangers where there are costume elements that your child can easily access for pretend play.
  • Allow for plenty of relaxed play and independent activities.