Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Shoes

Shoes are one of those things I dread buying for my kids (others are diapers and wipes)... They wear them for a few months and then their little feet grow out of theml! This is why kids end up owning a TON pg shoes! One thing I suggest is, don't even bother investing in shoes until your kiddos learn how to walk (unless you want them wear shoes just to look cute). There are some brands such as Robeez and Pedipeds that are both darling and crawl-friendly.

The tricky part about buying shoes for kids is that they can't be too cheap and/or uncomfortable, or they won't wear them at all. But you also don't want to invest too much $$ on them since they won't be wearing them for too long.

Try to look for bargains at department stores and/or at the outlet. Stores such as Target, often times have inexpensive, cute and comfortable shoes and sandals. Garage sales and hand-me-downs are also a way to go!! Below are a few brands/shoes that may be worth your investment: