Thursday, July 30, 2009

We have a lot to live for...

I will never forget this one beautiful morning, when my good friend and I went for a walk to the beach with my 8 week old and her 4 month old.... We were still in our "new mama fog"... trying to recover from sleep deprivation and figuring out breastfeeding, naps, colic, and other newborn-related issues... This peaceful stroll was much needed for our exhausted minds and bodies.

As we were relaxing by the ocean and sipping our warm chai tea lattes... an elderly woman walked by us and took a peek at our sleeping babies. She then looked at us with a kind smile and said, "You have a lot to live for".

To be honest, at first her statement was a bit shocking and intimidating... I felt like saying, "My baby is only 8 weeks and I'm already tired...I can't go on living like this.." But as soon as I got over my whining and complaining, I understood what this sweet lady meant. She knew exactly what we were going through and was trying to encourage us by helping us to see a different perspective. In her one short remark, she intended to say... your children are precious, what you're going through is temporary, you have so much to look forward to, your life will be filled with many fun and joyful memories...

My daughter will be 3 years old this year and I feel like I already know exactly what this lady meant. The first few months of adjusting to being a mom and taking care of a newborn was rough to say the least... but it's such a short period of time and it just gets better and better and better... And I'm sure I have a whole lot more to live for.

I am thankful for this kind woman and for her words of encouragement (and thank God for sending her our way!). And now, I pass it on to you new moms out there... who may be struggling, confused, frazzled or just plain worn-out! "You have a lot to live for" too!!!