Friday, July 17, 2009

Undivided Attention

Whatever happened to undivided attention?

With cell phones, iPhones, e-mails, youtube and even blogs.. it is almost impossible to do things without getting on the phone or going on the computer. Even though these items are convenient and entertaining we are also TOO easily distracted by them.

I feel convicted (this is my own personal conviction) when I get a phone call while having a meal with my kids... or feel the need to check my e-mail while playing with them... I know that by answering the phone or going on the computer in their presence, I'm saying to my kids, "my business is more important than you".

Recently my husband and I had this discussion.. Usually after the girls go to sleep, we get on the computer to check our e-mails, look at the news or window-shop on-line... and we realized that this was taking away from us spending quality time together. So we decided on a "no computer" rule on our date nights (friday nights) so we can give each other our full attention.

Even with my kids, I make a conscience effort to not answer my phone (unless it's important) while having quality time with them. I now also go on the computer during their naps and/or at night after they are asleep. You can also set aside time where your little ones are playing on their own and you have your time also.

I heard recently that "children know when you are not paying attention, and if you do not give them undivided attention, they will do the same to you when they are teenagers." As moms, we are already distracted as it is (especially if you have more than one child) and it seems like we are always multi-tasking. I know that one thing I can do... or one way I can be more attentive to my kids is to simply turn off the computer and/or put my phone on silent when I am spending time with them.