Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gardener of Souls

I recently got back into my hobby of gardening.. I love how flowers and plants add life and interests to our backyard. When it comes to gardening, choosing your favorite plants and planting them is fairly easy... but maintaining and cultivating the garden takes effort and careful attention.

I love this parallel that Sally Clarkson (from the book "Mission of Motherhood") makes about gardening and mothering:

"If our gardens need cultivating to grow well, our children need that attention much more. Seeds of excellence and grace must be planted and tended. The weeds of selfishness and bad attitudes must be plucked. The plot must be protected so that the wild storms and prevailing winds of culture will not damage the fruit. In addition, wise food for thought and the finest of art, music, literature, hospitality, and creativity must be fed to fertilize the soul so that the child may grow fruitful and productive...

There is such a vast potential of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aptitude hidden in each of my children's personalities. Becoming a gardener of each of them is like planting and tending the unique flowers and plants suited to the soil and climate of each child's heart and mind. To neglect this kind of cultivation can only have negative consequences in their lives."