Friday, July 24, 2009

Jana Alayra

Have you heard of Jana Alayra?

My neighbors brought over a "Jana Alayra: Live in Concert" VHS when my 2 year old was sick last month... and ever since then, my daughter has not stopped singing her songs!

Jana Alayra is a wife, a mom, an artist... She is an amazing singer that adores children and has been using her gifts to minister to them and to glorify God. In this particular video (right) she sings to a huge audience of children.. and you can tell just how much she cares for them... and the chidlren LOVE her too!

It's a blessing for a mama when you hear your child singing:

"The greatest thing I could ever do,
Is spend my life loving you,
With all of my heart,
With all of my mind,
With all of my strength Lord,
I give you all my life!"
(All My Life)

Or.. she asks me to sing this song when she is not feeling well:

"Whether it rains,
Whether it pours,
Wherever I go,
I will trust you Lord!
In the light of day,
Or in the of dark of night,
I will trust you Lord with all my life! "
(Rain or Pour)

I wanted to tell you about her, if you don't know about her already... because she has been a blessing to my little one and to me too! It's amazing how God can use children's songs to draw us (parents) closer to Him!

Here's a clip of her on YouTube singing at a church in Pasadena.