Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Boot Camp

For all of you brand new Mamas who recently gave birth... and trying to keep your eyes open during the day... and trying not to breakdown in tears... there is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! You are just going through, what we call "BABY BOOT CAMP".

Definition of BABY BOOT CAMP:
The first 6 weeks (give or take) of adjusting to life with no sleep, taking care of another being that is completely helpless, backaches, breasts engorged, nipple trauma (if you're breastfeeding), emotional roller coaster, and don't forget the hormones raging.

Baby Boot Camp seems like it's going to last forever... but don't worry it won't. Believe it or not, IT DOES GET BETTER (otherwise women would not be having babies). Just when you think you can't handle it anymore... the baby starts to sleep longer at night, he/she starts to smile at you... and Ahhh... you will find that it was all worth it.

Typically at 6 weeks life starts to seem normal again. Every experience is unique because every woman, every baby, and every delivery and recovery are different. Some Mamas may find that taking care of a baby is a piece of cake, while others may wish they never have to give birth again (that was me, but after a year, I wanted to have another). We just want to encourage you to hold on.. and to make sure that you ask forHELP. A relative to come over and clean and cook for you, a lactation consultant to help you feed your baby, a husband to rub your back, a child to make you smile... whatever you need you should ask for. You just GAVE BIRTH, and became a MAMA! CONGRATULATIONS!!