Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nipple Trauma

This concept may be unfamiliar to some mothers, and yet all TOO familiar to other mothers. Unfortunately, I belong in the latter group. Here are some symptoms to tell if you're experiencing nipple trauma and also some techniques to help ease the pain.


  • Sore, cracked, bleeding, or blistered nipples
  • Contact with bra/clothing is too painful
  • Pain during and after baby has nursed
  • A jumping-back reaction when baby comes close to latch for breastfeeding

Helpful Techniques
  • Hydrogels like Ameda ComfortGel Hydrogel Nipple Pads
  • Lanolin ointment
  • Expressed breast milk applied to nipple area
  • Nipple shields
  • Breast shells to reduce nipple irritation by preventing friction against clothing
  • Warm Compress
  • Pumping milk and bottle feeding temporarily while nipples heal

Nipple trauma is often caused by improper positioning and latch-on. If pain persists, lactation consultants can help. They are very helpful, understanding and supportive. They will really address your personal needs. I sought one within two weeks of giving birth. I was provided instant relief to soothe the pain. And the consultant worked diligently with me and my baby to get me on my way to healing and recovery. I was soon breastfeeding comfortably and with ease. I can attest that there's hope for us mothers suffering with nipple trauma!