Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Predictability, Consistency and Routine

My friend does behavior training for children with developmental disorders such as Autism and ADHD. She said that the three main things these children need are: predictability, consistency and routine. Making things predictable, consitent, and routine supposedly reduces the child's confusion and anxiety and helps promote positive behavior. This can be applied to all children, not just those with developmental problems. By setting up a predictable routine and being consistent with it, you will be able to reduce overtiredness, crankiness and tantrums which we all dread (not to mention no naps and no sleep at night). Having a routine makes everyone happy and well rested.

*Helpful article for new moms*
"When it comes to both bedtime and naptime for your baby, it is important that you observe the principles of consistency and predictability. This is one of the ways that babies learn. Babies who have nap routines in the daytime that are consistent are much more likely to sleep for longer periods at a time during the night. If you get your baby into a consistent bedtime routine this will be something he comes to get used to over time and it will guarantee that he will likely go to sleep easier and sleep better throughout the night. Incorporate bedtime with familiar and pleasant rituals that set the stage for your baby to sleep well. For example, a warm bath before bedtime is a way to soothe a baby. Other activities that are equally advisable include quiet activities such as rocking your baby, singing lullabies to him, talking to him gently, cradling him and nursing him. What you are trying to do is to create a pleasant environment in which a baby learns that these activities then automatically lead to sleep time."
-Baby Sleep Help (Consistency and Predictability are the Name of the Baby Sleep Game)